We offer integrated marketing and advertising programs that would appeal to dealerships, to car clubs, to organized events and car shows, to product manufacturers and promoters, and to service-based companies. We combine traditional advertising with digital marketing, to provide you with highly effective solutions. Kindly review the following, then contact us to discuss your needs:

  • Organized Events: we organize events at dealerships and other venues; you provide the content, and we’ll provide the audience.
  • Birthdays: we provide physical cards and e-cards, which are able to contain pre-generated coupons that market your products and services.
  • Database Marketing: we are able to address your needs, based on demographics and psychographics, for direct mail, email marketing, and more.
  • Display Ads: can be static images, flash, video and expandable.
  • Group Buying: we have capabilities to work with you, to organize a group discount of your products and services, then gather large quantities of customers.
  • Social Networking: be featured on our Facebook page, Twitter, and have a commercial on our YouTube site.

We also offer custom marketing solutions. Call (855) 55-Corvette or email for details. Contact us now.

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